How it works: Step by Step

We start by doing a complimentary cleaning and provide you with a written analysis. This includes a detailed savings estimate outlining different options.

Our process uses a germicidal UVC/Ozone emitting bulb that sanitizes and deodorizes the filling (rated 99.9% effective). No water and very little energy is used in the process.

We use the same technology that the Broadmoor Resort and Celebrity Cruise Lines have been using for years.

We pick-up your dirty pillows and return clean pillows. We can turn around 100 pillows in 24 hours. We can also arrange an on-site service where we set-up in your hotel.

The filling is tumbled in the equipment. The cleaned and re-fluffed filling is blown into a new cover and sewn closed.

The resulting pillow is as good or better than new.

We can increase/decrease the amount of filling and also re-size your pillows.

We clean the inside and replace the outside





Did You Know?

The 100% goose down pillow is widely viewed as the most luxurious pillow.

It takes 10 geese to get 2 lbs. of down and 2 lbs of down to make one, 100% down pillow.

The cost of 1 lb. of goose down has increased from $12 (2008) to $35(2012) an increase of 192% or 24%/yr.

The average hotel room has 6 to 8 pillows, weighing approximately 2.3 lbs a piece creating significant landfill waste.

Pillow companies have gotten creative and continue to make pillows with less down, which equates to lower quality.

Most hoteliers agree that pillows should be replaced every 2 years, but this rarely happens.