Did you know the industry recommends replacing your pillows every 2-3 years, at the very least you should be cleaning them regularly. Pillows are a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses and dust mites, many people think that they are allergic to down when in fact they’re allergic to the mites living in their pillow.  Many people religiously replace their mattress every 5 years as recommended but they forget their pillows.  Many hotels keep their pillows in service way past this recommended time in an effort to save costs and cut corners. Frankly the thought of sleeping on dirty pillows make everyone uncomfortable, and cleaning pillows is something that everyone should think about. Even if you have protective covers on your pillows they’re still affected and often you can see the ugly yellow stains from a dirty pillow through those. Buying new pillows all the time is not a cost effective solution, instead consider Pillow Fresh – a clean and cost effective solution to hygienically sanitize your pillows.

Perfectly white pillows after our pillow cleaning service
Did You Know?...

Simply washing your pillows can leave them damp inside which is an ideal breeding ground for mold to grow!

Pillow Fresh uses an UVC/Ozone method that kills bacteria, eliminates viruses, and destroys any mold living in the pillow while the special agitator plumps up the pillow so it’s as fluffy as the day it was bought. The process is cost effective, healthy and leaves pillows looking and feeling like new again. Just washing pillows can leave them damp inside which is an ideal breeding ground for mold to grow, rather counter effective, but the UVC pillow restoration method sanitizes instead leaving your pillows healthy and clean. The industry says you need new pillows every two years because of this health hazard but instead refreshment can prolong their life. Rather than living with dirty, disgusting pillows choose a more hygienic choice and get them cleaned instead for less than the cost of new pillows.

Pillow-Fresh also replaces the pillow cover (or ticking) with a brand new cover.  This is often the major concern for hoteliers since it is visible to their guests.  Any staining, rips or other imperfections are easily eliminated. Replacing the cover also aids in eliminating any bacteria, viruses, mold, and dust mites living on it.  Much of the nastiness of an old pillow clings to the inside of the cover due to build up of body secretions (sweat, saliva, etc.).  Throwing the old cover away and replacing with a new cover makes the cleaned pillow look, feel and smell new again.