When you buy your pillows you look for comfort, but often no matter how cheap you buy them pillows end up more expensive in the long run as you throw them away year after year. For any hospitality business you’re literally throwing money away. A good pillow can cost you between $18 and $50, and down pillows continue to get more expensive every year so many sacrifice comfort by turning to cheap pillows instead. You could even pay more than that for each quality hotel pillow and over time that cost is going to add up. The down inside pillows doesn’t degrade, it just gets dirty with bacteria, mites and such so why throw out perfectly good pillows, refresh them instead! This cost effective method is something Pillow Fresh can do for you no matter what kind of Pillows you’re working with.

Cost Savings by Cleaning Pillows

Did you know?...

With Pillow Fresh you can save 50% and more of your pillow budget!

Pillow Fresh offers pillow restoration for all your pillows, whether they are expensive down pillows, feather, or synthetic cheap pillows. The process sanitizes the materials inside and out while reshaping them so they’re just like new again. Pillow Fresh can do your pillow restoration for as little as $12-$15 each depending on size, construction and condition; and Pillow Fresh is also currently working to lower costs to clean even more lower priced synthetic pillows. You’re looking at less than half the cost of a new pillow in some cases. The process sanitizes as well as cleans so any bacteria or mites will be cleaned out as well as a special agitating process to re-fluff the pillow like new. You’re looking at a saving over time of a huge amount simply by not throwing away those old pillows, and the best thing is no one will ever know since they’re as fresh as when they were new.

If you’re trying to stretch your budget by keeping those old pillows in service you’re sacrificing quality of sleep, something worth spending money on. Stop wasting that money on cheap pillows and instead get the quality pillows you want and then save money by refreshing them with Pillow Fresh instead. Even when you purchase cheap pillows you’ll still eventually have to buy new ones, and probably more often too since they won’t hold up as well. That’s hardly cost effective, so why not choose a lasting solution to the problem instead with Pillow Fresh. The refreshing process will lighten your pillows without lightening your pockets and still give you healthy pillows that are as good as new, better even since you’re looking at almost half the cost in some cases.¬†Get your pillows done today for cleaner and better quality refreshing sleep to wake up and start the day right at a cost far below what you’re going to spend buying new replacement ones.