We live in a throwaway society where as soon as things are “bad” we exchange them for new. The cost of wasting perfectly good materials is astounding and here at Pillow Fresh we want to help save your pillows! Did you know that even when your pillow is sick it’s still good? As your pillow collects dirt and bacteria the filling inside isn’t harmed, just in need of refreshment. You spend days looking for the right pillow, and even when it’s perfect you’ll get rid of it after a few years and start the process again. How silly! You don’t have to say goodbye anymore and you can keep your comfy pillow and make it like new again. Good sleep is essential in a healthy lifestyle and with your regular pillow you know a great night sleep is possible.

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Did You Know?...

By refreshing your pillows, Pillow Fresh can make them fluffy and full again!

Down pillows certainly aren’t cheap but there’s a reason why, down clusters look like little dandelion heads and it’s their round and puffy shape that gives the pillow it’s loft. Synthetic pillows work in a similar way but with foam or shredded fiber filling providing the loft. Feathers in comparison have a spine or quill that over time will align causing the pillow to go flat. Regardless of your filling over time the pillow will lose it’s loft and become compressed by constant use and the weight of dirt and bacteria on them. Yuk! Time to buy a new pillow, but wait, rather than wasting money on buying a new pillow every few years refreshing them is a much better choice for your wallet and the environment. Just because your pillow is compact doesn’t mean it’s bad, just in need of some care.

Refreshing equipment agitates the pillow so that it regains its original shape and looks like new again. Remember your mom plumping your pillow, well this works on a much more effective scale so that your down pillows are once again fluffy and full. The process sanitizes the materials in the pillow whether down, feather or synthetic so you won’t have to worry about mites or bacteria anymore. It also cleans away any of the stains or nasty yellowing that can happen over time so your pillow is as white as when you first bought it and just as pristine.
Cleaned and refreshed pillows look and feel just like new with our service and you’ll love them again like the day you bought them. Why hunt for a new pillow that might not give you the same quality sleep when you can simply refresh yours and love it again? With a refreshed pillow you can look forwards to a long, healthy, comfortable sleep on a pillow you know is just right. Let Pillow Fresh give you a better sleep today.