• Quality hotel pillows range in cost from $18 to $50 or more. And the price of down continues to escalate faster than inflation.
  • Pillow-Fresh can clean and restore a pillow for $12 to $15 depending on size, construction and condition.
  • We are working on reducing our costs to allow us to clean more of the lower priced synthetic pillows.
Cost Savings by Cleaning Pillows
Dust On Your Pillows

Dust Mites

Dustmites 2

Dust Mite Feces

Dustmites 3

Sloughed Skin

Pillows should be replaced every 2 to 3 years at minimum (per industry experts). Most hotels keep pillows in service way past this timeframe.

  • Pillow-Fresh kills dust mites and removes them from the pillow. This is the primary reason people are allergic to feather/down.
  • Discarding the old cover eliminates the sloughed skin, and body secretions that build up over time.
  • UVC/Ozone kills bacteria, viruses and mold that live inside the pillow.
  • Down and to a lesser extent feathers and synthetic filling become compressed over time.
  • The agitation caused by the equipment allows the filling to regain its lost loft.
  • The cleaned pillow will be lump free and look and feel like new.


Clean And Cheap Pillows


  • Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
  • Pillow-Fresh reduces the need for new pillows by reusing your existing filling.
  • As much as 85% of the pillow weight is reused in the process.
  • A typical queen size pillow weighs 2.3 lbs. A 300-room hotel has 1,800 pillows, or over 4,000 lbs. (2 tons) of future waste. Pillow-Fresh reduces this to less than 600 lbs.
Benefits Img 3


  • Consistency is a sign of quality.
  • Hotel pillow inventories are very inconsistent and are made up of a variety of brands, sizes, and age.
  • By implementing Pillow-Fresh, we can assist in making all of the pillows look and feel the same.
  • We provide a dated tag that assists your housekeepers in knowing when to clean or replace the pillow.
Benefits Img 4


  • Pillow-Fresh allows you to react to changes in your bedding needs.
  • We can re-size your pillow inventory, changing standards into kings, etc.
  • If you desire a variety of pillows with different firmness, we can change the filling mixture to meet your needs.


  • Broadmoor Resort has been using the technology since 2008, and has virtually eliminated the need to purchase new pillows.
  • Celebrity Cruise Lines has a machine on each of their ships, eliminating 85% of their pillow related landfill waste.
  • Interstate Hotels implemented pillow cleaning as a sustainability initiative at the Hilton Concord, CA and saved $15,000 the first few months.
  • Pillow-Fresh has cleaned pillows for several hotels in NYC and done sample pillows for over 30 hotels, representing over 15,000 rooms.

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