Cost Effective Pillow Cleaning Service for Hotels & More

Using equipment specifically designed to clean pillows, Pillow-Fresh cleans the inside filling and replaces the old outside cover (ticking).  The germicidal UVC and ozone emitting light (rated 99.9% effective) combines sanitizing and deodorizing to kill and remove dust, dust mites, bacteria, viruses and mold spores from inside pillows.  This process cleans pillows much better than conventional laundering.  Laundering does not remove the dust that accumulates in pillows, a major allergen and the old stained cover is not replaced.

We started the business because we realized that hotels do not have a consistent policy in place to keep their pillow inventories in good condition.  Many hotels keep pillows in service well past their useful life (2 to 3 yrs.) creating hygiene, health and guest service issues.

Some of these pillow inventories represent a very large investment so replacing every 2/3 years may not be feasible for hotels.  By implementing Pillow Fresh we will assist the hotel in maximizing the life of their pillows, while also enhancing guest satisfaction, saving money, and reducing waste.

Perfectly white pillows after our pillow cleaning service

What is  Pillow-Fresh?

Pillow-Fresh is a pillow cleaning and restoration service focusing on the Hospitality Industry.

Pillow-Fresh cleans the inside of the pillow and replaces the outside.

Pillow-Fresh will assist you in developing a pillow inventory management plan that will maximize your savings, increase the guest experience and add to your sustainability efforts.

hotel pillow cleaning

Why Pillow-Fresh?

  • Managers have limited knowledge of the age of their pillows, what kind they have (brand or structure), how much they cost, or how long they stay in service.
  • Pillow inventories are not actively managed. Housekeepers make the subjective decision when to remove.
  • Laundering pillows is not a good option, it is bad for the pillow and the laundry equipment.
  • Pillows are the perfect breeding ground for viruses, mold, and bacteria. Pillows collect dust, dust mites, dust mite feces (major allergen) and sloughed skin over time.